“Dreams” by Jozem

“Dreams” by Jozem: a deeply moving song that may draw comparisons to the spiritual songs associated with African-American people and the hardships they endured. The choir of vocals creates a hauntingly beautiful, all-encompassing sound that washes over the listener. We’re particularly fond of the deep, but sporadic bass/percussion, as well as the additional sounds of a crackling fire, wind, water and crickets – all conjuring up visions in our mind’s eye of shared hardship and collective therapy. This song is fantastically bold and carries a vast amount of personality: it achieves its aim perfectly as we are now incredibly fond of this sound and can safely say we’ve become fans of Jozem.

The minimalist music video is also thought-provoking. The no-thrills, almost-confrontational video enables the listener/viewer to really focus on the music, without any visual distractions; the video style does, to some degree, encourage self-reflexivity. The atmospheric vibes created by the soulful vocals truly connects when paired with the majestically simple-yet-effective video. Jozem: Instagram | Spotify

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