“Postcards” by Francis (ft. Jolé)

“Postcards” by Francis (ft. Jolé): this debut single from Francis is a delightfully mellow affair, made extra special by the vocals provided by songwriter Jolé. Despite the various sonic layers creating a potentially-busy mix, the airy nature of the vocals means that the listener focuses more on the minimalist aspects of the song – enjoying its vibe and the atmosphere it creates. The way this has been done deserves praise due to its subtly and nuance: audio engineers and music writers may hone in on the wonderful array of aural textures whilst casual music fans will be able to enjoy the song in a more holistic way, appreciating the entire piece purely as a complete song rather than dissecting its various layers.

It’s particularly refreshing to see and hear artists collaborating with each other. The end result of Francis and Jolé’s joint efforts is wonderful and results in an especially impressive debut from Francis; we’re now waiting in eager anticipation for future releases.

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