“Fairytales” – Elephant Memoirs

“Fairytales” by Elephant Memoirs: superb alternative-rock from the Gateshead trio who use gritty guitar riffs, punchy bass, and pummelling percussion to deliver an energy-packed song bristling with power.

After a brief, minimalist introduction built around vocals and guitar the song quickly explodes as the drums and bass kickstart a sonic avalanche. From here Elephant Memoirs maintain the ferocity, all whilst the vocals deliver poignant, bittersweet lyrics that have been paired with angst-ridden feeling. The raw sound that the trio have is well-suited and they boldly fulfil their musical vision: using their musicianship and chemistry to drive the song, resisting the urge to gloss any details over with production. As their first release of 2021, Elephant Memoirs have truly hit the ground running and this could well be an exciting year for the band.

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