“Dancing With Demons” – Komparrison

Having already garnered a reputation as a promising duo, Komparrison now up their game as an exciting five-piece band with endless potential. Releasing their first single of 2021, “Dancing With Demons”, Komparrison hit the ground running as they utilise their signature harmonies and irresistible melodies: the fuller sound provided by the percussion and bass gives a robustness to the band that demands attention from the lister; live shows, we predict, will be a truly magical experience.

Lyrically, the song explores party/nightclub culture from a positive perspective of letting go of one’s inhibitions and worries – cleverly, there is a huge amount of depth to the song when you explore further. Incorporating the reference to ‘demons’ demonstrates the maturity and talent of Komparrison and their songwriting abilities: in this context ‘demons’ can refer to the problems that we, as individuals may face; fighting our own battles with mental health, alcohol dependency and/or substance abuse. In this way, Komparrison intelligently reference taboo subjects, offering support in the form of music. Such strong lyricism puts the band in good stead for the future – keep a close eye on Komparrison and their upward trajectory.

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