“The Rest Of Our Lives” by James Fox

“The Rest of Our Lives” by James Fox strikes with positivity from the get-go. This guitar-driven pop-rock track speaks of nostalgia, love and hope for the future. The vocals are smooth and memorable. The chorus is a perfect opportunity for a sing-a-long and has a big potential to be stuck in one’s head for hours after the listen.

The standard form of a love song, in this case is complemented by the heart-catching guitar parts and flawless production quality, which puts this song on a pedestal among the similar artists such as Imagine Dragons or Circa Waves.

The track is complemented by the beautifully scripted and executed music video telling the love story (with a happy ending!) which greatly compliments this single.

“This is a feel-good, guitar-driven love song, that speaks of new beginnings, love, hope and making plans for the future, something I think can resonate with all of us just now.’’. James Fox: Instagram | Twitter

Author: Krzysztof Furgała

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