Music Roundup #25

“Seeing Red” by Levy: smoky, sultry vocals greet and entice the listener as this jazz-tinted pop gem takes hold. Levy demonstrates her talent and creativity throughout, simultaneously pursuing a unique musical direction that defies to be pigeonholed by a single genre; within the three glorious minutes of this song, Levy incorporates jazz and pop elements and, at times, even subtle hints of prog-rock. There’s a charming authenticity to the band, which we feel is sweetly captured by this quote from them: “we try to create a sound that is authentic to us, and because every band member is inspired by different genres and elements, it culminates in songs that might not cater to the charts, but to the hearts. (Cheese alert.)“. We love the sincerity of this and, quoting directly from the song, the way they wear their hearts on their sleeves.


“Becoming Human” by Simon Collins: an electronic/prog-rock song that, in true prog-rock fashion, deals with themes of existence and questions of humanity. The synth melodies give a nod to the glory days of progressive-rock, with its ambitious visions of musical grandeur and equally-artistic music video. The vocals have robotic elements, which have been appropriately filtered and mixed to give this impression, and works fittingly well for the style of music. Overall, the chorus features the strongest melodies and will certainly please prog-rock fans.


“It’s Alright” by der Mist: a catchy, upbeat song driven by fuzz, bass-synths and electronic instrumentation. Melodically and structurally, there are similarities to ‘Move On Up‘ by Curtis Mayfield – especially with the way in which the vocals are delivered – it’s refreshing, however, the direction in which the duo have gone and certainly warrants a listen. Live, we imagine it’d be a great opening number to quickly win over any audience.

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