“Prince Of Denmark” by Musketeer

“Prince Of Denmark” by Musketeer: a superbly dark, brooding, and passionate Alternative Rock song by German band, Musketeer. Haunting vocals laced with raw emotion are delivered alongside atmospheric, reverb-laden guitar melodies that explode into fuzz-driven crescendos. Such a combination of loud/quiet, dark/light bears resemblance to the signature dynamics of Led Zeppelin and perhaps hints at a bright future for the band.

The accompanying music video features a live performance from the group, providing a fresh, minimalist approach that allows the viewer to fully focus on the powerful emotions emanating from the band. Resisting the temptation for a flashy, over-the-top video is praiseworthy: Musketeer let their music do the talking, instead of relying on visual effects. We’re very pleased to share this song (and video) for you to enjoy. Musketeer: Instagram | Spotify

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