“Black Magic” by Four Crooks

Newly released EP “Black Magic” by Four Crooks is a three-song compilation of Blues-influenced Alternative-Rock that is likely to resonate with fans of The Pale White, FEVA, and BLVFF, yet ensures that the band Four Crooks retain their own sound and identity.

Each of the songs, opener “Black Magic“; “Feel Alright“; and closer “Paranoia” take a different approach whilst remaining definitively identifiable as a Four Crooks song. The percussion and the bass drive the EP along, very much providing a solid foundation for the guitars to then add melodic rock trills. Furthermore, the composition and mix of each song is incredibly refreshing during a time when a growing number of artists substitute talent and musicianship with an over-reliance on production and studio tricks. Thankfully, Four Crooks serve a timely reminder that there is no replacement for good songwriting or authentic creativity. The band deserve credit for this and, hopefully, more artists will follow suit.

Hailing from Telford, in the West Midlands – halfway between the Welsh border and the city of Birmingham – the quartet utilise the classic blueprint of combining impressively strong vocals (provided by Dave Morrison) with fuzzy bass and huge drums. Considering the heritage of the Black Country in relation to legendary bands Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, we suspect there must be something in the water, and Four Crooks may well have a similar DNA flowing through their veins.

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