Music Roundup #14

“Partypooper” by HMS Morris: a masterclass of musicianship, demonstrating fiery flairs of creativity and filled to the brim with energy. Subtle polyrhythms give this song a vibrant feel, whilst the vocals stand right at the fore, boldly delivering the lyrics with confidence and personality. We can only imagine what the live show is like as, judging from this song, HMS Morris are likely to be a force of nature on stage.


“OMD” by Seraphina Simone: another song by one of our favourite, most promising artists. We have been unashamedly hooked from Seraphina’s debut single and each new song released is a reward in itself. Heavenly vocals that are full of passion and soul are Seraphina’s trademark, with layers of synth providing the foundations on which Seraphina builds monumental harmonies. We could go offer endless praise, but to be more concise, Seraphina Simone is, without a doubt, a true glimmer of hope and inspiration: 2021 could well be a huge year for her.


“LockItDown” by Etoile Marley: a clever mix of genres with incredible vocals taking centre stage. A full-bodied mix makes the song feel and sound huge. This is further supported by a wide assortment of instruments, with the piano and brass providing the song with its jazz vibes, whilst heavy bass and percussion gives a nod towards Hip Hop influences. Etoile Marley has a true gem of a song here, fitting perfectly into three minutes which, is itself, an impressive feat.

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