Music Roundup #15

“Whisky In Hand” by Braw: an uplifting, poetic song by a Scottish duo of two brothers with a fantastic video to match (watch it here). The heartfelt vocal harmonies are a joy to listen to, with fabulous fiddle flourishes and warm piano creating a musical bedrock on which the song grows and soars. The message of hope should resonate with everyone and fill any listener with optimism. A thoroughly wonderful song by a talented duo with much musical promise.


“Out Of Control” by Foxhaunt: impressive Alternative Rock with an arena-sized sound and confidence, fuelled by passionate vocals that are well-suited to the band’s sound. Explosive energy drives this song as it grows in volume with each passing minute; incredibly, the band manage to maintain rich melodies, demonstrating their talent as songwriters as they retain their musical vision from start to finish.


“The Longest Night” by Conrad Ashton: fantastically optimistic with tongue-in-cheek lyrics that nod to Conrad’s charm and charisma. Layers of melodies intertwine, yet allow the vocals enough space to deliver the story behind the lyrics. A fuzz-fuelled guitar solo gives a spectacular treat towards the end, showing another side to Conrad’s musicianship.

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