“Reunion” by FIERO

Consisting of four utterly spectacular songs – ‘Reunion’, ‘Between The Bars’, ‘Violet’, and ‘Coupe’ – the duo FIERO have assembled a flawless EP that showcases superb lyricism coupled with immaculate instrumentation.

Each song is absolutely incredible in it’s own right, with ‘Coupe’ being a personal favourite. That’s not to say that the best has been saved ’til last, as a close-second is ‘Between The Bars‘, and this doesn’t come at the cost of the other songs. Rather this is our go-to song although, admittedly, the whole EP has been on repeat for days.

This is an impressively strong EP that deserves wider recognition from a bigger audience and should also serve as a shining example of where creativity can take artists. As such, we’d hope that this EP influences future musicians, allowing them to draw inspiration from FIERO. Fortunately, if FIERO continue releasing music of such high-calibre then it’s inevitable that they gain the traction that they’re capable of.

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