Music Roundup #9

“Hollywood” by Seraphina Simone: having instantly won us over with debut single “Cherry”, Seraphina’s follow-up single maintains the impeccable quality of her material, demonstrating an incredible level of consistency that bodes well for the future. As one of our favourite music discoveries of 2020, Seraphina single-handedly reminds us that even in times of darkness, there are silver linings.


“Happy 4 U” by Alex Fasso: an acoustic gem filled with heartfelt sentiments and driven by impassioned vocals, resulting in a song that delivers raw, unfiltered emotion throughout. The minimal production allows the song to sound and feel authentic, further enhancing the vocal delivery.


“Celebrate Life” by Conrad Ashton: heartwarming and bursting with energy, this song is a guaranteed mood-lifter. Packed with positivity, Conrad’s latest single reminds us to always look on the bright side of life – something we need to be doing more than ever.

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