Music Highlights #19

“Hold Her” by ROYZ
Incredible vocals deliver meaningful lyrics that highlight the issue of street harassment and sexism that, sadly, occurs daily for many people all over the world. ROYZ use both the song and their music video to draw attention to this. The band create a song that showcases the band’s creativity and musicianship whilst also writing lyrics that are relevant and progressive.
ROYZ: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

“Talk More” by Headcage
Newcastle alt-rockers bring elements of Nothing More and Linkin Park to create their own distinct style. Hard-hitting guitars are combined with driving percussion whilst rhythmic bass counters the higher pitched vocal melodies creating a full-on sound that takes full advantage of dynamics, deftly alternating between contrasting loud and quiet sections for maximum impact.
Headcage: Facebook | Instagram

“Costumes” by Nick Noon
Fans of Liverpudlian, scouse-Americana band sextet Red Rum Club are in for a treat here, courtesy of this musical gem by Nick Noon. Fantastically characterful, and slightly dark, vocals deliver intriguing lyrics which, alongside the superb music video, makes for essential listening/watching during the winter months as both will inevitably lift your spirits, especially with such lines as “we’re due for better and brighter days”. This is a real gem of a song and is a discovery that we’re sure listeners will cherish immediately upon first play.
Nick Noon: Instagram | Spotify

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