“The Enemy” by Dalyrium Bay

A quiet, filtered guitar riff teases the listener before loud brass and percussion swoop in, making the full band’s presence known. Italian sextet, Dalyrium Bay maintain the high energy ska-punk throughout whilst also managing to incorporate a metal breakdown that features guitar elements that could nod to the likes of Gojira a potential influence. This heavier side to the band helps to differentiate themselves from the likes of UK Scouse-Americana band Red Rum Club by drawing from a contrasting pool of musical influences.

Alongside the high energy driven song, Dalyrium Bay, have paired the song with an equally fun music video that demonstrates that the band’s creativity extends from the music world to that of visual media too. The video itself makes for a great viewing and gives you the chance to experience “The Enemy” alongside a delightful visual narrative.

Dalyrium Bay are a new band on our radar and, thanks to this song and video, will be remembered due to the lasting impression they’ve made with this fantastic release.

Dalyrium Bay: Facebook | Instagram

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