“Mojo” by Black Paisley

Hailing from Sweden, melodic rockers Black Paisley have shared this fantastic song “Mojo” and have paired it with an eye-catching music that showcases some incredibly talented make-up artistry.

A short drum introduction opens this song with the lead guitar quickly to add some sweet melody to the song. From here the characterful vocals then take the spotlight, delivering a rich performance that features powerful lead vocals supported by warm backing vocals that create a song that sounds sonically full. To our ears there are elements of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s album ‘Last Of A Dying Breed’ – this is a good characteristic as it shows the level that Black Paisley are operating at and showcases both their musical talent and their ability to capture their studio sound with such a good production value.

This song continues its journey and is completed by a delightful guitar solo that is tasteful and truly serves the song by giving rock fans a taste of lead guitar whilst ensuring that the solo itself is melodic and memorable. Overall, this is a great upbeat song with a warmly rich sound; you’ll be dancing, nodding, or tapping along to this song within moments.

Black Paisley: Facebook | Instagram

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