“The Dancing Plague” by Entropie

French band, Entropie, have put themselves firmly on our radar with songs such as “Teenager Summertime” and “The Dancing Plague” – quickly winning us over as fans with the captivating energy that their songs posses being paired with incredibly creative, and visually-intriguing, music videos that have us hooked.

In regards to this song, it features both their signature sound that consists of driving drums, catchy guitars, and passionate, angsty-vocals that carry a sense of urgency; as well as the imaginative style of music video that we’ve come to associate with the band.

The video itself uses an extended introduction to pique the interest of the viewer and to add some context to the later visuals. Following this, the music soon joins in, with alternative/indie-rock guitar lines paving the way for the band to then expand on. With the song in full swing, Entropie still manage to throw in some delightful surprises, letting the melodies twist and turn, thus keeping you guessing what will come next throughout.

Another brilliant song by a band that we can proudly say we’re fans of.

Entropie: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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