“Ever Enough” by Levara

American band, Levara, have really caught our attention with this spectacular rock-pop song that showcases powerhouse vocals, proficient musicianship, and a talent for writing anthemic hooks – all of this is then brought together by slick production that adds the finishing touch.

One listen to this song will win your over, as the vocals cut through the mix with a confidence that will leave a lasting impression on you. Meanwhile, the huge chorus will have you hooked with its call-and-response phrasing. Levara then utilise impressive visuals to create an equally-stunning music video to also win your over on that front. Clearly Levara are a band that know what they are doing and are ones to watch for the future!

Discussing the song, each member of Levara reveal their own experiences. Drummer, Josh Devine, states: “’Ever Enough’ was the first song we tracked and finished in the studio. It really set the bar and the tone for the whole album of what we wanted to achieve.” Whilst singer, Jules Galli, shares, ”Loving someone isn’t always romance and beauty. It can be messy, and painfully imperfect. ‘Ever Enough’ is about a plead to understand what’s missing, what needs fixing for things to feel good again. Is it ever enough for you? My favorite part of this song is the call and response chorus and I can’t wait to perform it live, with the audience singing back to us “is it ever enough?!”. Hopefully sooner than later.” Meanwhile, guitarist Trev Lukather reflects, “The song was written during some tension within the band. Tension is inevitable in any band and especially when you feel the pressures of writing your debut album. I believe tension is a good thing at times of creativity. This song poured out of us and it was like a rebirth. One of my faves on the album and no doubt my favorite guitar solo.

Levara: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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