Music Highlights #12

“Walking Down That Line” by FRONTM3N
A magnificently-upbeat song that will really put a spring in your step when you listen to it. Strong vocal melodies with pop sensibilities underpin the song, whilst bright banjo adds a subtle country/bluegrass direction to this folk/pop gem. The icing on the cake comes from the fun music video too, making for a truly wholesome watching and listening experience.
FRONTM3N: Facebook


“Heart Of A Woman” by The Fountain
Beautiful vocals are supported by elegant piano and paired with a captivating music video. Sonically, the song grows and subtly adds intricate layers to the mix, whilst deftly changing in tone to fully demonstrate the range and power of the vocals. A very emotive song full of passion and delivered brilliantly.
The Fountain: Facebook


“Les copains d’abord” by Magali Michaut
A fabulous, jaunty song with a live video that further highlights the authenticity of the group and adds another dimension of fun, and character. The song is a joy to listen to, and the video is equally entertaining – a real gem of a discovery that is different and, as such, is a welcome surprise for music fans of all tastes and genres.
Magali Michaut: Facebook


“By My Side” by Jeanette Hubert
A superbly classy song that delivers some fantastic jazz/pop alongside a great music video. If listening to each of the songs in this article in order, then this brings another dimension for you to enjoy.
We’re fans of the lovely jazz vibes, especially in regards to the vocal performance and highly recommend this as a discovery.
Jeanette Hubert: Facebook


“Normal People” by Rupert Stroud
We find this song to be absolutely stunning, thanks in part to Rupert’s distinctive vocals that are charged with passion and deliver a heartfelt performance. In respect to the vocals, they’re clean with the right amount of reverb – crucially, though, there’s a degree of huskiness that emerges from time to time and really adds something special to the song. A captivating song from start to finish.
Rupert Stroud: Facebook

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