Music Highlights #11

“Looking For Attention (Feat. Keilimei)” by Djakarta
This song immediately won us over with its melodies, characterful vocals, and singalong hooks that will have you humming along instantly. We particularly love the way in which the vocal duet really works, as the nature of both vocals really enhance and complement each other, creating something truly special. Lastly, we adore the video with its colourful and engaging graphics delivering the visual story alongside the music. Djakarta: Facebook


“Back Home” by Amen Viana
An incredibly groovy song that manages to combine a multitude of musical influences into one place, creating this superb song as the end result. We love the rock riffs, funk influences, and the fiery guitar solo. The finishing touch comes from the video that highlights parts of history relevant to this song and band whilst combined with present-day footage of the band performing. Amen Viana: Facebook


“It’s Not Stealing If You Don’t Get Caught” by No Berlin
A brilliant punk-rock song that marries strong, catchy melodies with a healthy dose of energy resulting in a song that will work its way into your memory and demand that you play it loudly. The powerful drums, overdriven guitar, and wonderfully-melodic vocals all work together to create a well-rounded song that should impress music fans from far and wide.
No Berlin: Facebook


“Too Used To Girls Playing” by Nilo Griffin
Another song that quickly impressed us upon first listen. We like the way that the song grows, beginning with humble roots and minimalism and then adding in percussion and slowly expanding with extra layers of instrumentation and vocals. The message of the song feels heartfelt and sincere, adding another dimension to the song whilst the lyric video helps to bring this connection home to the listener too.
Nilo Griffin: Instagram


“Braille” by PLASMA
The beautiful piano melody that introduces the song immediately captures your attention; the sweet guitar lines then reel you in whilst the French lyrics add the finishing touches. Despite not speaking French, we’re captivated by this gem and found it to be a wholly wonderful song that has a equally engaging music video to accompany it. A true music gem for you to discover.
PLASMA: Facebook

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