Music Roundup #40

“Dance Laura Dance” by Sleep Walking Animals: a song that truly earns the title of being ‘anthemic’ as it humbly introduces itself before continuing to gradually build as it progresses, continually adding layers of rich melodies with each passing moment and giving a hint of how remarkable this song can be in a live setting; we can vividly picture crowds at both gigs and festivals really getting into the spirit of singing along with this. In terms of the song, the lead vocals quickly make a lasting impression as the delivery feels full of character and passion, as well as being melodically confident. These first impressions are quickly solidified as each instrument enters the mix, spectacularly elevating the song further to heavenly heights. A superb third single from a band that, judging from this song, have heaps of talent and could well go on to very big things.


“Wasted Time” by Growr: a stunning alternative-rock song that deftly adds some punk influence for good measure and all brought together by some classy riffs and attitude-driven vocals. The introductory riffs instantly greets the listener and quickly assure you that you’re in for a musical treat; fast-paced percussion then adds a healthy dose of frantic energy that ensures a sense of urgency and maintains the pace from start to finish. As only the second single from the band, Growr, this displays a lot of promising traits for the band, especially in their ability to write edgy, energetic songs that will be ideal for festival and gig crowds – their style is perfect for the Festival Republic Stage at Reading & Leeds Festival in particular. A great release that puts the band on solid footing for the future.


“Dance With Me” by JAXL: a powerful, and crisp, bassline instantly captivates you upon pressing play, whilst a fast-paced lyric-delivery adds another dimension, bringing some extra energy to the song and further complementing the funky vibes. From here the song quickly works its way into your mind with its infectiously-catchy guitar lines and easy-to-learn chorus. These upbeat vibes are enhanced further by the choir of voices that then join in the outro, providing another dose of fun whilst also showing that JAXL know how to write and record a song that will go down a treat with listeners everywhere. A solid song packed with positivity and groovy-goodness.

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