“I Refuse To Believe (You Could Love Me)” by John Murry

“I Refuse To Believe (You Could Love Me)” by John Murry: a solid alternative rock/pop song that utilises spectacularly dark humour to deliver a very distinctive sound.

The noticeably deep, rich vocals that John has are embedded nicely in the mix, whilst the overdriven guitar injects a tonne of energy into the song to maintain the momentum and urgency. This tempo helps the song to race along, making the three minutes whizz by – leaving the listener dazzled and, consequently, more likely to go for a repeat listen to absorb all the sonic intricacies that the song has to offer. A particularly nice surprise, for instance, comes in the form of the additional vocals joining in for the ‘oh, oh, oh, oh’ parts – catching the listener by surprise the first time around.

This single paves the way for an upcoming album due for release on 25 June – keep an eye out for!

John Murry: Instagram | Twitter | Website

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