Music Roundup #38

“Manic Pixie Dream Girl” by ettie: superbly channelling angsty pop-punk, London-based artist ettie then takes such influence and redirects it to create her own alt-pop sound, resulting in an engaging song that is familiar enough to resonate with the listener whilst simultaneously being different enough to maintain its own identity, thereby retaining its musical freshness. The docile opening demonstrates ettie’s ability to create delicate melodies and allows the song to grow in intensity as it progresses; the song truly comes into its own around the 1:41 mark, rewarding the listener with a cinematic crescendo that sweeps you off your feet.


“Nosediiv” by Volleyball: featuring two distinct sections packed into one delightfully short-but-sweet song (that clocks in at two minutes thirty) this psychedelic/shoegaze release can be described as vibrant, refreshing, and bold. The shimmering, swirling guitar sounds are driven by punchy basslines that weave in and out throughout the song whilst filtered vocals bring an extra layer of off-kilter sounds to the mix. The finishing touch is provided by the percussion that adds an almost Stone Roses-esque vibe to proceedings at times. As a side-note, the band have also created an online game you can play via their website here:


6AM by Ben Denny Mo: fabulous percussive-acoustic guitar playing drives this song whilst the strong, characterful vocals deliver the lyrics in spectacular fashion, with hints of huskiness adding an extra depth to the song. The style of playing naturally lends itself to the energy that Ben has, pushing the song further with this frenzied approach and hooking the listener as they eagerly anticipate the whatever is coming next. An impressive release by an incredibly promising artist.

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