Music Roundup #37

“Homesick” by The Riversiders: a fresh new song by London-based indie rockers, The Riversiders. Opened by discordant guitar lines, there’s an immediate edgy, confrontational vibe which gloriously signals a taste of something different, refusing to conform to the more traditional approach of sickly-sweet introductions. The song then takes a sudden turn, becoming more melodic as the confident vocals bounce along with the rich bass whilst overdriven guitar stabs punctuate, and further emphasise, the percussion. An incredibly strong song that is evidently turning heads on platforms such as Spotify as its infectious nature wins the band new fans and listeners.


“Stop The Clock” by Overpass: an anthemic indie-rock song that perfectly encapsulates the current summer vibes. The Birmingham quartet have burst onto the scene, quickly making themselves known to indie fans both local to them and further afield, thanks in part to support from The Clause and This Feeling which – when you hear this song – will be evident as to why. Deftly taking utilising indie rock influences, Overpass then take it a step further with their music, adding in fabulous middle-eights (that will be a treat live for bringing the show down before the final big-energy chorus/outro) and displaying bold, mature songwriting that will carry them to bigger things.


“4:45” by DR!FTWOOD: The Preston-based trio write about mental health in a mature and intelligent way – this approach to such an important subject is admirable, especially the way in which they’ve then turned it into such a catchy song that carries an important message. Big, pounding drums and layers of instruments and backing-vocals give this a huge, anthemic sound that will resonate with indie-rock fans far and wide. As live music slowly returns, expect to see them back out on the road – catch them live where, and when, you can!

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