“Forever” by ÄNN

“Forever” by ÄNN: an incredible song that, in our opinion, is flawless – it is, quite frankly, stunning. Put simply, we live for moments such as this when we are introduced to phenomenal music by immensely talented artists.

We fell in love with this song almost immediately and adore everything about it: ÄNN’s amazing vocals deliver truly heartfelt lyrics, the piano sits perfectly in the mix, and the whole vibe of the song really connects, and resonates, with us – and we’re sure this will have a similar impact upon many other listeners too.

The tender, minimalist introduction perfectly sets the tone for what is to come, gently encouraging the listener to devote themselves and their undivided attention to the song for the next four minutes. As the lyrics begin, the song adds subtle layers of sound, paving the way for the sonic expansions that occur in the bridge and chorus. The magic continues as ÄNN’s voice becomes more prominent in the mix whilst she, simultaneously, also fills each word and syllable with genuine emotion. To make things even sweeter, the layers of vocal harmonies that emerge create a rich, heavenly sound that is utterly breathtaking. A magnificent song that is a true gem in its own right, and a superb opener for her debut album ‘A.M. Forever’.

“With this song I wanted to capture the constant feeling of melancholy and indecision that accompanied me back then, realizing in the end, that even if uncertainty makes you doubt your decisions, it’s okay and at times even necessary to leave the familiar behind” – ÄNN.

ÄNN: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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