“You To Know” by Parka

After two years of absence Bristol-based rock’n’roll quartet Parka is back with their newest single ‘You To Know’ – offering a little taste of their upcoming ‘Good Morning’ EP. 

This bold release leaves us in anticipation before delivering a punchy and melodic wall of sound further complemented by a great old-school sounding vocal performance. The groovy bassline and steady beat maintain the energy throughout the song, while the vocals are paired with intricate, well-thought-out guitar riffs that bless your ears with their old-school rock n roll sound. 

It is also worth mentioning the great production which truly lets this song punch out of the listener speakers and delivers high-volume energy through every second! This is a song best enjoyed at full volume.

Discussing the ideas behind the release, Parka state: ‘’The song is about breaking through and seeing things as they truly are, when something seems a certain way but is, in fact, the opposite’’.

If you enjoy listening to bands such as Stone Roses and like the ‘old school’ psychedelia sound You To Know is a must-have addition to your summer playlist!

Author: Krzysztof Furgała

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