“Trouble In Paradise” by TheWomen

Trouble in Paradise” by TheWomen certainly conveys a melancholic feeling throughout the song – and it’s not a bad thing! This new release created by a duo all the way from Kraków shows us the perspective of a person stuck in a ‘’toxic mindset’’.

The band discuss their interpretation of the song in their own words,: ‘’The verses are his views on the relations he’s in – and the “fight” that he believes he must take on in order to truly be himself. However, the overarching feeling that the decisions he’s about to make will be his demise, foreshadows the outcome this kind of mindset had in the real story the song is based on. We hope that the listeners who feel a bit of themselves in this story will find some reconciliation in it“.

The song portrays itself as a fusion of various genres – initiating with a clean mellow melody and then unexpectedly progressing into a System Of A Down-esque heavy guitar riffs. The track is intentionally slow-paced and ‘’uneasy’’ furtherly portraying the lyrical content in an acoustic form. A finishing touch is how the vocals sound raw and personal – certainly an intent of the artist trying to portray the protagonists mind.

The track heavily reminded me of an old-school doom-metal albums of Paradise Lost and is a great addition to your rainy-day playlist.

Author: Krzysztof Furgała

For an extra treat we also have the music video for another song by TheWomen titled “Don’t We” – check it out below!

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