“Quiet Frustrations” by Divisions

“Quiet Frustrations” by Divisions: an powerful, fuzzy and energetic alternative-rock song by an ambitious rock quintet whose bold sound had us hooked almost instantly.

Opening with drums that initially sound similar to ‘Song 2’ by Blur, the band Divisions quickly throw that aside and let their own sound explode before calming down for the vocal delivery, further drawing listeners in and leading them to the wall-of-sound chorus that is bound to go down a treat with future live audiences. Maintaining the rocksteady pace, the band continue to plough onward, reaching a glorious instrumental section with melodic guitar lead lines and raucous keys before returning to the vocals. Following this, the band finish on a high with an almost post-rock outro.

We love the twists and turns of this song and the way it keeps the listener guessing what is going to come next; it’s packed with big, bold musical ideas that pay off. This, paired with with the fun, live-performance music video, makes for a winning combination.

Discussing their sound and formation, Divisions state: “We started writing songs together at a young age, based on a shared love of acts like Radiohead and Pink Floyd. Our sound weaves introspective lyrics and rock ethic with electronic layers and detailed vocal arrangements“.

Turning attention specifically to the song ‘Quiet Frustrations’, the band reveal: “Quiet Frustrations are the everyday injustices, battles and deceptions which grind us all down over time“.

Divisions are Adam & Matthew Moore, Lloyd Stringer, David Thaxton, and Kris Winser.
Divisions: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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