Music Roundup #33

“Don’t Pollinate” by Fran Lusty: a raw song that carries power in its stripped-back acoustic approach, nodding to the likes of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and Frank Turner. A sense of melancholia emanates from the song, yet feels honestly sincere, making this a refreshing listen, whilst the finishing touch is Fran’s organic, and characterful, vocals that are quite distinctive; a positive note that will help in creating a unique artist/musical identity.
Fran Lusty explains where the inspiration for the heartfelt song comes from: “‘Don’t Pollinate’ is about my personal experience with my grandfather but can be related to just about anyone. We are constantly trying to escape the certain vision that is made for us by the people we often love the most. So how do we fix the mix of chemicals we come from?”


“The Promise” by Moleskine: bright keys initially introduce the song before a dark twist quickly takes over, pleasantly surprising the listener and making for an intriguing song. As you listen to this, you’ll pick up a mix of sounds and ideas – at times some parts are avant-garde whilst others incorporate elements of rock. The song stays true to itself and grows on you as you continue to listen right until the end. On that note, the build up to the outro pays off, and those final thirty seconds are where the song peaks, nicely captivating you until the final note.


“Different” by Poty: a wonderful indie-pop song by the Italy-based artist Poty, which features collaborative vocals and lyrics from friend & collaborator Heidi Ekborg-Ott. Beautiful piano melodies open the song, with subtle guitar shimmering just below the surface. The whole song is then taken up a notch when the warm, passionate vocals begin delivering the lyrics. From here the song continues to blossom into something delightful and will remain memorable, repeatedly playing in your head.

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