“Mechanical Ballerina” by Jo Beth Young

“Mechanical Ballerina” by Jo Beth Young: a beautiful indie-folk/pop song by the Sussex-based artist, whose pristine voice takes the centre stage, melodically dancing and musically pirouetting as it does so.

The song will be featured on the upcoming film adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘A Doll’s House’: ‘A Doll’s House 20/20’, set in a lockdown timeframe. Being profoundly moved by the story, the singer wrote the track from the perspective of the story’s character. 

Jo Beth said about the track: “Mechanical Ballerina is written from the position of the main character Nora, and her plight out of a rather ‘Stepford Wives’ mechanical existence. The play was really ahead of its time with feminist themes I think many can relate to today; how we can fit into programmed roles or numb out of reality/relationship power balances“.

The ethereal vocals and steady beats put the listener into the perspective of a trapped femininity, which, as the title suggests, makes women in toxic relationships feel like ballerinas trapped in music boxes.

Author: Claudia H

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