Music Roundup #30

“My Two Hands” by Aayushi: gorgeous vocals dance with the bright acoustic guitar melodies, ascending to heavenly heights when aided by well-placed layers of vocal harmonies, whilst beautiful piano bursts add another sonic dimension. Aayushi posses a wonderful voice that is delicate and filled with emotion, delivering the lyrics in a way that makes the listener feel as if they are being spoken to directly; that connection is likely to relax, and reassure anyone within hearing range of this enchanting song. The stripped-back nature of the song, with minimal production, gives it an organic feel – making it more authentic. A truly refreshing song that will resonate with your heart, soul, and mind: to be concise, this is musical bliss.


“Never Ending Blues” by Woodstock Barbie: a modern blues-rock gem teeming with rootsy vibes that would give artists/bands like Rival Sons, Blues Pills, and Joe Bonamassa a run for their money. Driven by an organ that gives an authentic rock vibe – akin to some of Deep Purple’s bluesier songs – this is a song that is deserving of your full attention and demands to be played at full volume. The overdriven, gritty guitars add some serious weight although, ultimately, it is the vocals that really captivate us: the tone, emotion, and style are majestic, very much being the final piece of the puzzle in the band’s song. Utterly superb.


“He’s In The News Again (feat. Dave Keuning & Marysol Arellano)” by Chico Harpo: a particularly relevant song that is rather hard-hitting, lyrically speaking, and carries a message of change. Rock guitars lay a gritty, confrontational foundation whilst the vocals deliver angst-ridden lyrics. At times there are slightly more rock-operatic sections, hinting at the amalgamation of ideas. The approach brings to mind bands like Green Day and The Levellers, however, the softer approach is a fresh take that gives more room for the lyrics. A solid song with a powerful message.

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