“Cold” by TREZR

“Cold” by TREZR: a superb introduction to the pop trio, TREZR, who release “Cold” as their debut single – hitting the ground running in the process with their smooth, soulful sound that is primed to put them on the map.

Greeted by a percussive deep-bass beat and quickly accompanied by lead singer Trey, who swiftly takes the reins to deliver a majestic vocal performance, this is a pop gem that will open many doors for the band. As the chorus approaches, Collin (guitar) and Will (bass) step in to further elevate the song – adding layers of sonic texture by using an array of instruments, most notably that of the rich piano. The end result is that of an impressive debut song that is given a final polish by the slick production.

“Cold is a story of love fading with time and the struggle of letting go of something that is no longer there. This song synthesizes elements of winter with emotions of heartbreak to convey the elongation of a broken relationship” – TREZR.

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