“Bad Breath” by Novacane

“Bad Breath” by Novacane: a wonderfully psychedelic single with summery indie-pop vibes bringing to mind artists such as The Leers, Superfood, and Cassia – a welcome release signalling the trio’s return to the studio.

Boldly introduced by colourful, effects-drenched guitars that shimmer in the mix, this song bursts with character and carries an energy that buzzes with the spring optimism that this time of year brings. The personality-fuelled vocals further build on the band’s identity as they let their own individuality really shine through – this peaks with the impressive drum solo that catches the unwary listener off-guard and demonstrates the technical musical prowess that each band ember clearly posses. The band truly have put their best foot forward and, if future releases are anything like this, then they’re on to a winner.

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