“Orion” by Peak Futures

“Orion” by Peak Futures: a musical treat driven by a bold vision that is brought to life in a wonderful fashion. The characterful, soulful voice of Joe Bernie brings a charm and sense of class to the song, in contrast to the more alt-rock elements that are provided by an overdriven, fuzz-fuelled bass. As such, this song is an intriguing, genre-blending delight that serves as a master class of musical creativity; a particular highlight being the pizzicato strings that bookend the song. As such, this is a superb release from an incredibly promising band and we eagerly await the next release from Peak Futures.

As the second single from their upcoming album – ‘Colours of the Sun‘ – “Orion” hints at a special body of work that could be the dose of excitement that we all need. Peak Futures summarise the ideas behind the album in their own words:
“The theme of the whole album is mainly about gaining self-understanding through a journey to unfamiliar spaces, be they physical, mental or cultural. The wider album threads a path that criss-crosses from the  stellar to the earthly and back, touching on both the richness and  detail of the everyday as well as the cosmic scale of the  universe.”

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