Music Highlights #4

“Loose Ends” by Rebekah Fitch
Rebekah Fitch releases her first single of the year, displaying her rich, characterful voice in all its glory and touching lyrics – these, paired with the emotive piano, shows why Rebekah continues to make a growing impact with her sound. The powerful vocals and piano reach fabulous new heights when supported by the deep bass, electronic elements and string accompaniments.


“Wrong Way” by Scarlet
Powerful alternative-rock from the Liverpool-based band Scarlet. Impressive vocals and grunge-esque riffs deliver the signature sound that Scarlet have become known for and nod to the energy that is guaranteed from their live shows. A very solid addition to their ever-growing discography, expect to see Scarlet return with a bang, playing gigs and festivals with the ferocity expected from them.


“Change” by Chris Mayer & The Rockets
A fantastic melodic-rock song from German band Chris Mayer & The Rockets, taken from their debut album ‘In One Room‘. Full-bodied and warm, there is a charm to the classic sound that the band have – something reassuring the familiar, yet fresh music they make. This is feel-good music that should resonate with listeners far and wide.


“Brittle Bones” by Artemis Aether
Introduced by soft piano that entices the listener and quickly joined by rich vocals, Artemis Aether have a formula for a sound that is refreshing to listen to. Subtle percussion adds an extra rhythmic layer, whilst plucked-strings nod to classical influences, making for a delightful listening experience packed with emotion.


“Time” by Brandon Child
The instantly recognisable voice of Brandon Child forms an essential part of his signature sound and makes this another definitive addition to his musical output. The warm, smooth bass is the glue that keeps the song together, whist the guitar delivers immaculate lead melody lines that we could listener to forever. The straightforward percussion is simple-yet-effective: one could argue in a similar ‘less is more’ style to Ringo Starr – which then allows the vocals and lyrics to take the spotlight.

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