“No Sympathy” by Duccbod

“No Sympathy” by Duccbod: eclectic, diverse and creative – this song displays solid musicianship and melds several different genres together, resulting in a beautifully-complicated gem that is complex yet coherent. Listening is truly a journey: electronic elements contrast starkly with acoustic moments; the varying dynamics playfully bounce from loud to quiet and harsh to soft; the vocal delivery of the lyrics changes pace throughout, forcing the listener to remain attentive to each and every detail from start to finish. One could almost argue that, from these points, that there is common ground with the world of progressive-rock, or at least that the same musical vision and ambition has been applied in a different setting.

The musical ambition of the song is matched by the professionalism of the video: the narrative is poignant and matched perfectly with the tone of the song, whilst the visuals capture the fragility of emotion with great skill. The talented team behind the video have done an incredible job.
Duccbod: Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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