“Locked Up” by Just Delayed

“Locked Up” by Just Delayed: a sombre song that fuses different ideas, successfully balancing sweet piano with more electronic elements. Using a broad sonic palette, Just Delayed add tremolo sounds that conjure up visions of flowing or dripping water – such evocative instrumentation makes the listener really focus on all the layers that have been meticulously crafted. A particular highlight comes in the form of the string arrangement halfway in the song which, when paired with the piano, makes for a beautifully minimalist movement.

On the topic of minimalism, the music video also uses this approach, using simple (and charming) animation alongside the song lyrics. This approach suits the music perfectly, as it allows the music to lead the way, and avoids any possible distractions from an overly ‘flashy’ music video. As such, the video allows the music to remain the focus, and allows the listener to really appreciate the song for what it is.
Just Delayed: Spotify

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