“Blue Forest” by JOIE

“Blue Forest” by JOIE: delicate and beautiful, this song is stirring, enigmatic and transcendent. Stunning piano and harp melodies evoke fantasy worlds and creatures; bringing to mind myths and legends of other-worldly beings and their magical music – for us visions of fairies, nymphs or elves existing in our mind’s eye when listening. The spell-binding vocals captivate the listener and entice one to surrender themselves to the peaceful tranquillity that the whole song brings; there’s a genuine sense of refreshment that comes from repeated listens.

The video itself is a work of art. Spectacular, wide landscape shots contrast with close-up shots; meanwhile a story is told by the movements of Jodie as she welcomes the embrace of nature. The shedding of man-made clothes, building a nest and climbing trees carries an important message than humans could do well to listen to, thereby carrying additional weight with its deliverance.

The song is a joy to listen to, and the video is a beautiful contribution to the world of visual media: the combination of both together results in a majestic experience. JOIE: Instagram | Spotify

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