“Marché, Pt. 3” by Yoo Doo Right

“Marché, Pt.3” by Yoo Doo Right: quite simply one of the best songs we’ve had the pleasure of listening to during 2020. The bass riff is utterly incredible; the entire song is formed around this melodic and rhythmic groove-fest and, in spite of being five-minutes long, we find ourselves hitting the repeat button again and again. This is all before we get started on the exemplary vocals of Jasmine Trails who, evidently, has a vast amount of talent. Her voice is full of soul, character and emotion – there are hints of dark undertones which then contrast perfectly with the heavenly harmonies – all whilst generous reverb gives the sonic impression of Jasmine singing in a cathedral-like space, making this a truly ethereal experience. The creative pairing of Yoo Doo Right and Jasmine Trails is exquisite; we would be excited by the prospect of any future collaborations.

“Marché, Pt.3” can be found on a casette compilation album ‘Sounds From Mothland Volume 1‘ from Canadian label Mothland, who are celebrating their 3-year anniversary with this release!

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