Music Roundup #24

“Limited” by ROYZ: a tremendously-catchy song with tonnes of personality and a subtle brooding; the wide array of instruments all work together in unison to create a remarkably strong sound that keeps the listener second-guessing what will come next. Beginning with a quiet, softly-sung introduction, the song soon grows in confidence and swells to become a vibrant musical gem that is worthy of its own genre. Clearly, the French band ROYZ have made a huge impact on us with – this song taken from their FM.17 EP – and we remain excited to hear more from them.


“Fade Away” by Ninth Degree: a joyously upbeat and energetic song from this Scottish rock-quintet. Hints of indie-rock are present throughout, though heavier passages also nod towards the group’s rockier DNA. The tight riffs and charismatic vocals from the three singers gives a fresh approach that may catch new listeners off guard, but in the process is sure to win the band new fans. Ultimately, with generous amounts of melody, and some rousingly anthemic sections, this is likely to lift your spirits; therefore, we highly recommend this as a great song for keeping away the winter blues.


“Leave A Light On” by Benedict: using his deep, crooner voice, Benedict creates a soothing piece that envelopes the listener in a sea of calm. The opening piano invites one to listen attentively; the warm vocals then provide further encouragement to surrender oneself to full relaxation, whilst the accompanying strings add yet another sonic layer to the mix. An utterly superb song, this is almost the embodiment of tranquillity in aural form.

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