“Little Cheryl” – Not Now Norman

“Little Cheryl” is the song that put the Not Now Norman – an intergenerational rock band based in Berwick upon Tweed – on our radar. Opening with a fantastic riff, and quickly joined by the phenomenal vocals of Taylor Mitchell, this three-minute rock gem has made a lasting impression on us and is likely to captivate others in the same way.

The guitarwork throughout the song is incredible; the riff (and it’s subsequent variations) had us hooked instantly and has resulted in us utilising the repeat button ever since. Furthermore, Taylor’s voice is something else: there’s a tonne of talent here with an impressive vocal range and a superb tone that is incredible well-suited to the sound of Not Now Norman. Thanks to songs like “Little Cheryl”, there have been some music highlights from 2020 to keep us going.

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