Music Roundup #21

“The Dance” by Well-Known Pix: a charismatic song that integrates hints of nostalgia, melancholia, and wistfulness yet carries a subtle feeling of positivity. Packed with captivating melodies, there is a quiet confidence to the band who are self-assured in the quality of their work; this helps to deliver a strong single that will expose new listeners to their music and, in the process, win them new fans. Cleverly using dynamics to add emphasis where needed keeps the song fresh; this additional sonic texture is an indication of good songwriting and suggests a promising future for Well-Known Pix.


“Home” by Sacropolis: the second single by Frankfurt-based, Indie-Rock quartet Sacropolis that further cements them as a promising band to be watching. Uplifting melodies work in tandem with anthemic choruses made even sweeter by an atmospheric middle-eight that nods to the glory days of Pop-Punk (for example “When It Rains” by Paramore). Using both volume and pacing to their advantage, Sacropolis further elevate their music and songwriting, culminating in an impressively strong song that is likely to make a lasting impression on any fan of good music.


“How Long” by Pochenski: an anthemic, atmospheric, and inspiring song that features stunning melodies, exemplified by much of the guitarwork where many of the lead-lines are truly ethereal and likely to send shivers down your spine when listening. Simultaneously, the delicate melodies are in juxtaposition with the rhythm guitars which deliver a powerful punch, providing the song with the weight required to deliver that anthemic relief. To add further praise, this is the debut single from Pochenski and serves as a stunning introduction to the band and their music; hints of further releases in 2021 have us eagerly anticipating what they have in store.

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