Music Roundup #19

“Modern Age” by Two Sevens: a superb Indie-Electro-Pop gem that features wonderfully filthy, fuzz-fuelled bass that relentlessly drives the song, taking the listener along for the ride. The fabulous Electro-Pop elements subtly evoke a sense of Martha and the Muffins, though also maintain enough distance to allow Two Sevens to keep their own, unique, identity. This works wondrously well and hints at huge potential for the group. Ultimately, this will soon become your new favourite song; furthermore, once you’ve heard the chorus you will be absolutely hooked, resulting in your eternal gratitude for the existence of the repeat button. Play this loud and enjoy doing so.


“Maybe Next Christmas” by Emmrose: elegant vocal melodies are beautifully supported by rich, full-bodied acoustic guitar that cleverly dances with strings and piano throughout this modern-Christmas-classic. Immediately greeted by Emmrose’s magnificent voice, which is both powerful and warm, we are instantly captivated. Our admiration for the bravery, vision and creativity behind it increases with each repeated listen: to take on writing a Christmas song is a bold move, and to have such a spectacularly authentic end result is truly a noteworthy achievement. Full of character and depth, this is stunningly fresh and sincere.


“Smoke and Mirrors” by Three and Me: an incredibly smooth and classy composition with a generous amount of charm, ideal for creating a moment of tranquillity in an otherwise unstable and anxiety-ridden world. Visions of smoky jazz clubs are conjured in our mind’s eye as we listen to the soothing vocals that playfully interact with the layers of intricate melodies and rhythms created by a multitude of instruments. Alternatively, and possibly more fittingly, this wonderful song may also provide the perfect opportunity to wind-down for the evening at home; as such, Three and Me have catered for different contextual possibilities and, consequently, offered the world a fantastic song to be thoroughly enjoyed by any fan of good music and/or any admirer of fine musicianship.

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