Music Roundup #18

“R Honey” by Never Now: fans of straight-up Indie-Rock will love this. Packed with Oasis-esque attitude (and a hint of the Gallagher-whine) the band could suitably share the stage (and playlist placements) with the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Strokes, and The Libertines. Keep an eye out for this Scottish band once live music returns to the UK.


“God Could Be Afraid Of Us All” by LA Solution Center: fantastically clever lyrics are at the core of this song, with some intensely witty lines delivered in spectacular fashion. Clocking in at two minutes thirty, this short song has two distinct halves that could be described as Kasabian-meets-Twenty One Pilots; a broodingly atmospheric intro takes a left-turn, being replaced by a beat-driven outro that leaves us excited to hear more in the future.


“Attack” by Chloe Mogg: with an incredible vocal range and immaculate use of dynamics, West-Midlands singer-songwriter Chloe Mogg quickly makes an impression that lingers with the listener. Reverb-treated guitar creates a hauntingly beautiful foundation on which Chloe layers wonderful vocal melodies whilst delivering deeply moving lyrics.

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