Music Roundup #17

“The Crossroads” by Michael Jones: deep, husky vocals introduce this thrilling Country/Rock song before it explodes into a powerful, uplifting gem that takes the listener on an aural journey. The song has an authentic vibe to it; the mix could fool someone into thinking this is a classic from years ago and really completes the song. Fans of David Ramirez should certainly sense the similarities of Michael Jones’ music.


“Diamonds” by POESY: immediately greeted by an angelic voice, any listener should be instantly captivated. Once mesmerised, the song quickly grows as layers of instrumentation are added, creating an anthemic chorus that truly lifts the spirit. POESY has an impressive vocal range and an incredible vocal tone to match; full of warmth, character and emotion. This is a superb song by a truly talented artist.


“Antisocial Love Song (feat. A Is for Arrows) [Acoustic] by Alex Frew: wonderfully bright acoustic guitar opens this song, with rich vocals from Alex quickly demanding the listener’s full attention. A Is For Arrows then adds her vocals, further elevating this gem; taking it from ‘great’ to ‘incredible’. The timbre of both voices work perfectly, and the duet nature of this adds an extra dimension to the already-amazing song.

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