Music Roundup #16

“I See You” by Masha Novik: enchantingly atmospheric vocals take the spotlight, whilst dream-pop keys provide a laid-back ambience allowing bright acoustic guitar melodies to breathe in the mix. Masha has a voice that works perfectly, her tone and range is, quite frankly, captivating. To conclude, this is an incredibly strong debut single that hints at huge potential for the future.


“Tired Eyes” by Chris Greig & The Merchants: this song sparkles with magic. Anthemic, energetic and packed with hooks, this is a quality song from start to finish with tonnes of ideas demonstrating impressive songwriting skills from the band. Evidently Scotland is bursting at the seams with talent right now.


“Full of Grace” by Diligence: a wonderful retro vibe greets the listener, aided by the throwback artwork for some great visuals. The funky vibes immediately encourage anyone and everyone to move with the music as the energetic rhythm grips you and refuses to let go. Soulful vocals complete this, rounding off a great sounding single. In short, this is a superbly fresh song that takes old-school influences and makes something modern.

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