Music Roundup #8

“Alone” by Amethysts: a stunning example of amazing musicianship and creativity. Heavenly vocals combine with bright guitar whilst immaculate beats add the finishing touch, producing a song that is a work of art. The praise earned from tastemakers by this Alternative-Pop duo is well deserved.


“Losing A Friend” by Facing Mountains: truly inspirational songwriting with a genuine flair for originality; the depth of the song, both lyrically and musically, is breathtaking. The vocals are well-suited, adding a refreshingly beautiful and authentic timbre. Absolutely wonderful.


“I Wanna Disappear” by SHYAWAY: incredible lyricism coupled with uplifting melodies. The creativity and vision is awe-inspiring; layers of ethereal harmonies move aside for woodwind and stringed instruments, with subtle sci-fi sounds emerging occasionally. Meticulously crafted and genuinely captivating.

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