“You’re On My Mind” by Ayrton Jimenez

Ayrton Jimenez displays a musical maturity beyond his fledgling age of 22 in his new single, “You’re On My Mind”. No time is wasted before the delicate and tender ballad begins, effusing possible influences – perhaps deliberate, perhaps inadvertently – of one Eric Clapton or The War on Drugs. 

Jimenez orchestrates an ambience so alluring, captivating, one totally deconstructing any possible preconceptions of the single assumed from its artwork, which is strikingly similar to Radiohead’s Amnesiac (2001). 

Needless to say, the themes of love and loss, which continually echo throughout the tranquillity of this music and lyricism, are no strangers to the pensive singer-songwriter in an unforgiving modern world. The memories, the hurt, and the experiences are duly felt in the delivery of Jimenez, whose voice is distinct and accordingly apt to such a heartfelt serenade. 

In some ways, the lead guitar – whilst evoking the craftsmanship of the aforementioned Clapton – is, in and of itself and via the atmosphere it creates, reminiscent of “Don’t Keep Driving” by The Paper Kites: gentle, provoking, and purgative. 

Everything here is in order, harmony. The bass guitar is subtle but quite significant in its role to widen the tonal and dynamic range of this song. Understating its presence behind the arrangement of strings is the soft snare drum and the decorative tambourine; both work well, contributing to the polyphonic texture of this unfeigned, enjoyable music. 

As the piece progresses gingerly into the chorus, Jimenez is met with his vocal counterpart – perhaps representing the inamorata – through the higher, softer vocals which complement his voice superbly. The two voices intertwined really, and quite beautifully, tell this chapter in a love story close to the heart of the singer-songwriter. 

When all is said, Jimenez provides the fitting cessation to this single through the guitar solo, expressing with authenticity and ardour his thoughts and feelings through his trusted instrument – possibly the most wholesome employment of music itself. 

There is honesty and sincerity in this work, perhaps what is most appealing of all, along with its intimacy. “You’re On My Mind” tells many stories for many people: this could be a song played when driving on a Sunday afternoon reminiscing a recent beloved or this could be a song played as a young couple unmistakeably in love dance their first dance on their wedding day. 

This is cathartic work.

Ayrton Jimenez: YouTube | Instagram | Spotify 
Original Photo Credits: Ayrton Jimenez

Author: Harry Lowery (Instagram: @_hkglowery_)

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