Interview: Primes

Hello. We’ve been fans of your music for a while. What news do you have for us? How has 2021 been and what does 2022 hold in store?
Early 2021 was a slow start as we were still in the midst of the pandemic but we made sure we had a solid plan in place to enable us to hit the ground running when it was safe to do so. The last few months have been really busy, it’s been great to be out gigging and recording again. We played at Vibration Festival in September, our first gig back and on the main stage, which was headlined by the Fratellis. That was pretty amazing! Since then, we’ve had our own sold out headline show in Falkirk, it was great to see so many of our fans again singing the songs! We’ve had a few other gigs in Glasgow, one of which supporting the incredible Micky 9’s. 2022, is looking massive. We’ve already started booking up gigs, a UK tour is on the cards and we’ve got some festival slots in the pipeline. It’s going to be some year with lots of new music also.

Your newest song – ‘Redesign’ – was released in late November. What is the story behind the song?
There two stories behind the song. The redesign of the band is one element, we’ve had a lot of time to write, consider our sound and we feel we’ve come out of the pandemic with a more evolved sound then we entered it. The song itself is about willing to do anything in the name of love to make a relationship work. Its about two people, one who wears their heart on their sleeve and is crying out for the other person to respond in kind. They’re in a failing relationship but they’re willing to change anything to make it work.

We’re based in Newcastle and you’re based in Scotland – there seems to be an exploding music scene there. What Scottish artists are you excited about? And who should other people be listening to and seeing live?
This is very true. The music scene is thriving. There’s so many great artists coming out of Scotland right now. Our favourites have to be Dead Pony, Retro Video Club and Spyres. There’s a whole host of other artists as well but there’s too many to mention individually.

We’ve seen that you’re active on the live circuit as well. What have been your favourite, or most memorable, venues to play? Additionally, what festivals have been particular highlights?
The most memorable has to be any home town headline show. We’ve had a few now and each one has sold out. It’s always nice to play in Glasgow and Edinburgh also as they are the two biggest cities either side of our hometown. Festival highlights are a tough one, we’ve enjoyed every single one. If we had to pick one it would be Party At The Palace back in 2018. When we walked out, it was pouring with rain and had become a bit of a mud field but everyone was in the mood to party and the energy was amazing.

As an ambitious band, what would you like to achieve over the next few years? What would your ideal gig be (venue & line-up) and what festival would you most love to play?
We’d like to release our debut album over the next few years and do a full scale UK tour, maybe even venture overseas. Ideal gig would be somewhere like Barrowlands, line up would be us supporting Biffy Clyro with Twin Atlantic as main support. That would be mental. We would love to play at TRNSMT, Belladrum, Glastonbury, Isle of Wight…the list goes on. Hopefully one day.

One final question, more personal, question. How would you describe each other in the band? Is anyone more of a joker, the business person, the mature one or any other kind of label?
We would say that Reece is the joker, he always makes us laugh. We all like to have a joke around but when it comes to the business side of things, Sarah is always looking for the next opportunity to progress. Ollie likes to have a plan in place so that all of the important things are always taken care of. We try to be as organised as we can be and that allows us to concentrate on the fun side of the band, which ultimately, is what it’s all about.

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