“A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite” by Salvation Jayne

This alternative-rock release by Salvation Jayne is powerful, intense, and fierce; the bold and fiery feel of the song contrasts well with the cold dark sea shown in the music video and maximises the impacts that it has, ensuring that it leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

Hard-hitting, distortion-drenched guitars with a healthy dose of fuzz set the tone and give the listener their first taste of what is to come. This jagged backdrop is then countered by the strong and characterful vocals that bring the melodic chops that instantly captivate you. These fantastic vocals grow in confidence throughout and demonstrate both an impressive range and versatility, though always deliver what the song needs; cleverly displaying the vocal talents without going overboard, thereby ultimately serving the song and the band’s overall musical vision.

As the song continue it quickly becomes apparent that Salvation Jayne have genuinely earned the praise and attention they’ve garnered. Utilising dynamic changes, the band create space and variety within this song, smoothly changing tempo, ferocity, and volume when required and ensuring that the listener remains attentive to every ebb and flow. All of this comes together in the form of this magnificent song, a gem that is immediately impressive from its first listen and yet continues to grow on you even after it’s finished.

Regarding the song’s inception we’re told that the song was inspired by a mutual hatred for over-controlling and nauseating beings. Salvation Jayne themselves state: “Sometimes there is constructive criticism, which is fine. Then there are also overpowering controlling opinions that are shoved down your throat when you haven’t even asked for them. People like that exhibit this behaviour tend to thrive off of manipulating people into believing only what THEY think.

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