“Burden Of Fear” by Moshka

Prepare yourself for a treat in the form of this song “Burden Of Fear” by Moshka – a four minute delight that uses driving blues rock, along with some funk-inspired riffs, to create this spectacular song.

Groovy guitar, with a superb tone, makes an immediate – and lasting – impression with its bold intro. The song, having hooked the listener, then continues to grow, blossoming into a powerful-yet-smooth gem filled with both energy and character. With all these positives already in place, it is then Moshka’s vocals that seal the deal as they are perfectly suited to this style of music as they deliver a soulful and slightly gruff vocal performance that is absolutely ideal for this song.

The music video that delivers this song is also very tasteful and works flawlessly, allowing the viewer to fully appreciate the music without being bombarded by visuals, therefore allowing the music to speak for itself. This is, in our opinion, a real treat for any music fan, meaning you should press play, turn the volume up, and enjoy!

Moshka: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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